A new shop offering “proper ice cream” is planning to open its doors to customers in Cambridge.

Spoonstruck is planning to take over a shop in King’s Parade, where the business says it hopes to offer people ‘some of the best ice cream in the UK'.

Up until now the business said it has mostly sold its ice cream at various markets around Cambridgeshire.

New plans submitted to Cambridge City Council reveal the business’s plans to open a permanent store in King’s Parade.

The business owners said they started making ice cream after having a lot of “mediocre ice cream” in the UK and said they wanted to offer people “proper ice cream”.

They said: “We want to make – and believe most people want to eat – ice creams where flavours are intense and not cluttered with aftertastes from cheap ‘tastes like’ artificial additives.

“Chocolate should be intensely chocolatey, pistachio shouldn’t taste like almonds, subtle flavour combinations should work in tandem without overpowering one another.

“We believe great-tasting products can be made from simple, quality ingredients and we care about where they’re sourced.”

The business owners plan to repaint the outside of the King’s Parade shop pink to match the company’s branding.

They said the other changes planned inside the building to create the new ice cream shop would not harm the historic fabric of the building.

In the planning documents it said: “The proposals allow for enhancements and ongoing maintenance to the asset.

“Changes to the internal layout will not impact any of the historic fabric of the building.

“A new stud partition wall is proposed along with free standing joinery, which will not impact the listed building.

“The external fabric of the building is proposed to remain unchanged. Branding will simply be replaced on the existing sign, and manifestation to the glazing.”

The city council is now due to consider the application to repaint the shopfront pink and for the new ice cream shop signs and decide whether the changes can go ahead.