Siobhan Taylor, an intensive care nurse at Addenbrooke's Hospital, is set to represent Great Britain at the 2024 IPF World Championships in Austin, Texas.

Siobhan began her powerlifting journey six years ago, after she suffered a back injury.

She feared that the back injury would mean she had to give up her job as a nurse at Addenbrooke's, and a physiotherapist recommended that she learn how to lift weights and strengthen her core.

From there, she's become a champion.

Siobhan has worked at Addenbrooke's since she was 18, and the now 45-year-old has managed to balance her full-time role as a nurse with her powerlifting training. 

She said: "I feel so supported by the ITU team and they help structure my shifts so that I can train.

"I wouldn't have been able to get to the level I'm at without the support of the intensive care unit team.

"They’re always there to cheer me on.”

In 2022, Siobhan travelled to New Zealand to represent England at the Commonwealth Championships, and returned to work as the Commonwealth Champion.

In 2023, she took up Equipped Bench and became the British Champion. 

She was also selected to join Team GB for the European Championship and won that title too.

Ely Standard: Siobhan competing for Great Britain.Siobhan competing for Great Britain. (Image: Siobhan Taylor)

Siobhan said on the IPF World Championships: "I'm thrilled to represent Great Britain and to make m debut at the World Championships.

"I currently hold the titles of Commonwealth Champion and All England Champion for power lifting, and British Champion and European Champion on the equipped bench, so the only title missing is World Champion."

The champion has also said that powerlifting helps her stay mentally and physically strong: "For me, powerlifting is a form of meditation.

"It makes me feel empowered, resilient and gives me such a sense of achievement. Lifting weights is so inclusive, it’s something anyone can do, whatever your age. If I can start powerlifting at the age of 39, anyone can."

Siobhan is set to compete in the IPF World Championships between May 21 and June 1.

As powerlifting is a self-funded sport, Siobhan has started a fundraising page and posts updates on her Instagram page: @totallyawesometaylor

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