A Prickwillow handbag company announced they were chosen to present at Paris Fashion Week last month.

Nine Handbags was originally a silversmithing brand launched by father and daughter duo Tim and Rebecca Hill in 2010.

Primarily designing tableware, the pair have worked with prestigious names including Faberge and The Goldsmiths Company.

This took their work to Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, the US and Germany, as well as to exhibitions throughout England, including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Rebecca said: ‘We were thrilled to be catapulted onto the global stage.

“We were full of excitement and trepidation at the possibilities this could bring as well as the doors that were opening.

“This is a significant milestone for us, and we were incredibly proud to represent our local area on such a prestigious international platform.”

The pair found out they had been selected to present their bags on the international catwalk last year and have been designing a range of unique pieces. 

Rebecca recently took on niece, Yasmin, and nephew, Cyrus, who support the company in fashion and sales. 

They decided to create a combination of eye-catching runway designs and high street-ready bags.

Tim and Rebecca decided that they wanted to explore new possibilities for traditional silversmithing and founded Nine Handbags.

The company, which prides itself on being a ‘slow’ fashion brand, crafts distinct items in selected leathers to provide the basis for their designs.

Products are then paired up with handles formed from native and exotic woods, constructed in sold silver or paired with object Trouvé.

In addition to its curated collection, Nine also works with individuals to craft bespoke designs.

The pair added: “We have been overwhelmed with the reception our bags received in Paris and to find that they have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle magazine as well as a number on online publications.”