For more than 50 years, Cambridgeshire artist Ted Coney has painted the joys and sorrows of family life.

In this new exhibition, ‘Every Object Paints A Picture: Works by Ted Coney,’ which marks his 80th birthday, Ted’s artworks and the assemblages of objects that inspired them, are displayed as they never have been before.

Normally, Ted’s work is displayed in his gallery – which is his 300-year-old, Grade II listed cottage on Ely’s Waterside. However, from March 30 to June 22, the Norris Museum will be host to a large selection of these paintings and installations.

The essence of ‘Every Object Paints A Picture’ is the interplay between the objects and the artwork.

Ely Standard: The exhibition is now open at the Norris Museum.The exhibition is now open at the Norris Museum. (Image: Ted Coney)

Ted’s art practice is underpinned by the relationship between physical objects and personal memories, resulting in the creation of abstract designs grounded by the presence of real objects – many of which are displayed in the exhibition.

These artefacts of his life help the viewer understand and interpret the exhibited paintings, which tend toward the surreal and dreamlike.

Most of the paintings are oil on canvas, but occasionally other materials appear, such as wood or Ivorine (synthetic ivory made from cellulose nitrate).

Perhaps the most exciting part of this exhibition is the installation in the museum’s Community Room. ‘Snow Angels and No Angels,’ a work consisting of 15 paintings inspired by the female members of the Coney family, has never before been displayed all together on one wall as Coney intended, as Coney’s own gallery/cottage does not have the space.

Finally, ‘Every Object Paints A Picture’ has allowed the paintings to be shown to the public according to the artist’s vision for the piece.

Visit the museum’s website for more information.