Soham South councillor Lucius Vellacott writes for the Ely Standard.

It’s election year, but first, a by-election for Ely West’s next district councillor on April 18. The Liberal Democrat incumbent resigned after attending just three meetings since May 2023.

The saga goes on: forcing 20mph zones through away from the public eye, whilst still not properly fixing our roads. And this in a year where the county council part of the council tax has risen yet again and there has been a 200 per cent rise to the Mayoral Precept.

Ely Standard: A pothole in one of the roads in Ely.A pothole in one of the roads in Ely. (Image: Lucius Vellacott)

There is work going on to see the Number 9 bus restored and have proper consultation on Ely’s 20mph zone.

We are all focussed on the job at East Cambs, with our Council Tax freeze, continued free parking, investments in the community and so much more.

At home in Soham, we were delighted to open our Changing Places bathroom for disabled people.

It was great to receive a grant towards biodiversity improvements at St Andrews’ Church, and local businesses can now apply to the district council for a Rural Prosperity Grant of up to £30k for labour or product improvements.

I continue to push the Combined Authority mayor for a bus service via Wicken. It is being considered by the CPCA for demand-responsive rural proposals. I maintain that a rise in the precept must translate into improved services for us, not just for Cambridge.

The planning application for a new Medical Centre is out for consultation. I will support efforts to improve healthcare infrastructure, achieving the best possible deal for Soham.

Black wheelie bins have been introduced into our capital budget this year. Following a fully costed waste service review due by the end of this year, the council is also required to implement a weekly food waste collection. More to come on this later.

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