The government has again delayed the decision on whether one of Europe’s biggest solar farms will be built on the east Cambridgeshire and west Suffolk border.  

This will be the third time the decision deadline for the Sunnica Energy Farm has been re-set. 

It was due yesterday (March 7) but an update on the planning inspectorate website last night revealed a new deadline of April 11, 2024.  

The update said: “A statement confirming the new deadline for the decision has been made to Parliament, in accordance with section 107(7) of the Planning Act 2008.” 

The proposed 2,500-acre scheme consists of a solar and battery plant.  

It is set to be located across three sites: Sunnica East Site A, near Isleham; Sunnica East Site B, near Freckenham and Worlington; and Sunnica West Site A, near Chippenham and Kennett.       

Since the plans were first revealed it has been met with widespread opposition from various groups including MPs, community organisations and councils. 

A spokesperson for the Say No To Sunnica campaign group says residents are generally supportive of solar energy – but the scheme’s vast scale is the equivalent of 2,000 football pitches.  

She said: “We are hoping that the many well-evidenced flaws raised during the Examination are being carefully considered and that the Secretary of State will be minded to reject the scheme in due course.” 

Responsibility for the final decision is with Claire Coutinho, who is currently the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero.  

 A spokesperson for Sunnica said: “The UK needs to double the amount of renewable energy it generates by 2050.  

“Sunnica would make a significant contribution to this goal."