Bohemia at Alconbury Weald is set to close permanently due to what the owners have described as "crippling financial pressures".

In a statement on Facebook, owners James Skipp and Ash Larman said: "It has been an incredible experience but due to crippling financial pressures we have no choice but to close with immediate effect."

Bohemia also has an outlet in the centre of St Neots and inside New Shire Hall which will remain open. 

James and Ash said that: "The hospitality industry has always been a brutal, yet fragile beast, vulnerable to circumstances out of its control and the last two years have been particularly harsh.

"The cost of living crisis hit us hard and with prices of stock skyrocketing, wages going up. All with less money coming in.

"It has been something of a perfect storm, squeezing an already small profit margin to nothing."

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The pair also said that they were left "vulnerable" in 2022: "Back in 2022 through no fault of our own we found ourselves out of contract just as the prices started to spike.

"This left us incredibly vulnerable and we were left with a contract triple the price of our previous rate. While initially gov discounts helped, when that ended & it became clear we were about to struggle."

James and Ash said that they've "done everything we can to try and renegotiate and fight our corner.

"We've worked tirelessly for the last year to make it work."

The Bohemia owners wished a "big thank you" to every customer that has been served at the Alconbury Weald branch, saying that "It has been a joy to serve you.

"We can only hope that you loved it as much as we did. Without your support we would not have made it this far."

The pair will continue to welcome customers at their St Neots branch as well as at New Shire Hall.