In the Cambridgeshire Winter League, 10is Academy's Men 1 and Men 2 teams have successfully secured their promotions.

It means that both teams are now in strong contention for their respective division titles.

As the season draws to a close, each team is just one match away from potential championship glory: a win in their last match will guarantee the title.

On Thursday, the Men 2 team displayed solid teamwork and skill at their home court, earning a well-deserved 6-2 victory.

The home pair 1 won both of their matches, while pair two contributed to the team's success with a win in their first match.

The following Saturday, the Men 1 team traveled to Needingworth, where they continued the winning streak.

Mish and Max won all their matches, while Jordan and Seb secured wins in 3 out of 4 sets, leading the team to a convincing 7-1 victory.

Looking ahead, the Men 1 team is set to compete against Cambourne at home, and the Men 2 team will face Milton, also at home.

These matches are crucial and will determine if 10is Academy can transform their successful season into championship titles.

Since its inception in September 2022, 10is Academy has rapidly made a name for itself in the local tennis scene.

Continuing this legacy of success, the Men 1 and Men 2 teams are close to securing yet another set of titles in the Cambridgeshire Winter League, adding to the club’s growing list of accolades.

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