Littleport hasn’t been left behind in the new upsurge in popularity of the game of darts.

It may not be Ally Pally of TV darts fame, but the Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Ponts Hill is the local venue for darts league competitions.

The game of darts in England dates back to at least the High Middle Ages.

One traditionally offered explanation is that bored soldier bowmen took to hurling arrows at the upturned covers of wine barrels, perhaps seeing who could come closest to the cork bung.

Although I wouldn’t have thought Hereward’s men fighting the Normans round here in the 1060’s would have had time to get bored!

On Tuesday January 9 teams from the club played teams from The Crown in a close-fought Winter League KO Semi Final.

Ely Standard:

The Littleport Ex Club 7 (captain Steve Snow) now plays Crown A (captain George Marsh) in the final on March 20.

Both teams have excellent players like county player Kevin Bullman for Ex Club 7 and legendary all-round Littleport sportsman and cricketer, Chris Farnell, for Crown A.

On Friday January 12, also at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Ponts Hill, Cathy Gibb de Swarte’s birthday fundraiser quiz for Guide Dogs was a huge success with 21 teams of up to six people participating.

They all swelled the coffers of the charity by around £800 on the night, plus donations to JustGiving making it £1,000 plus!

And if you fancy a blast from the past, Littleport’s Adams Heritage Centre (based in the Victorian JH Adams shop at 17 Main Street CB6 1PH) hosts an open afternoon on Sunday January 21 from 2-4pm.

It’s an opportunity to experience a step-back in time, sit down and have a cuppa, and perhaps have a chat about some of the other shops that are now just a memory…

And your go-to place for modern sporting, recreational and healthy activities, Littleport Leisure Centre has a full itinerary. Call 01353 373800.