Work started on Monday (January 8) on developing the site for the new police station in Milton, on the outskirts of Cambridge.

The land, which was purchased in April 2022, will be fenced off so the site can be cleared and a new access road built to allow for construction to begin.

Superintendent Adam Gallop said: “We are pleased that work on the new site is now starting and the project is getting underway.

“The facilities we currently have at Parkside Police Station do not meet today’s policing needs and the need for a new station is imperative.”

Parkside was constructed in the 1960s and is beyond its functional age as a police facility, with insufficient numbers of cells that are not of the standard expected in policing today.

Superintendent Gallop added: “The new station will provide a modern, sustainable workspace that will make the working lives of officers and staff better.

“It will also help us meet the needs of our ever-growing population, enable us to respond to calls for service more efficiently and better respond to the challenges of modern-day policing.”

Work began on  January 8, starting with the preparatory works and site set up, the installation of a new access road and the creation of a car park and a welfare area within the site, as well as installing some of the early drainage and the construction of the foundations.

The removal of vegetation will take place before the nesting season starts in March and, having already been surveyed by an ecologist, they will continue to inspect the works as it progresses.

It is anticipated the building will be completed late in 2025.