Businesses across East Cambridgeshire are being encouraged to sign up for a new resource portal dedicated to helping them gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic economic landscape.

East Cambridgeshire District Council’s economic development team has written to more than 5,000 businesses, encouraging them to register their interest.

Those that sign up will gain free access to a wealth of resources and opportunities aimed at fostering growth and success.

Businesses that sign up will receive information on:

* The latest funding, subsidies and grants;

* Support services;

* Free or discounted training and upskilling support packages;

 * Connections with government bodies or networks;

* Apprenticeships;

* Office or commercial space;

* Networking opportunities;

* How to access funds.

Cllr Alan Sharp, chair of the council’s finance and assets committee, said: “I would strongly encourage all businesses in East Cambridgeshire to register their interest and sign up to receive notifications from the Economic Development team at the council.

“No matter what size your business is – whether you are a sole trader or an international player – we can work with you to improve and grow your business.

"This can range from providing business support, such as grant funding, to organising mentoring and training for you and your staff.

“By working together and sharing knowledge, expertise and services that help businesses thrive, we can build on the economic success of our district, which in turn benefits the whole community.”

East Cambridgeshire District Council says it is committed to supporting businesses in their journey to success.

Its last funding pot exceeded £600,000 and supported the growth of 30 local businesses. Grants of up to £30,000 helped companies such as BiologIC, B&T Motors, Ely Tyres and Demcom scale up their operations.

This in turn helped to create more than 80 new jobs and 20 apprenticeships.

More information is available on the council's website.