Johanna Partridge, chair of the Ely and District NSPCC Fundraising Group and Wendy Powell, a volunteer for the branch, gave a talk to Ely Rotary Club on November 23.

During the talk at Ely Bowling Club, Johanna explained how she had worked with families providing intervention and support before she retired and discussed why the work of the charity is vital to everyone across the UK.  

She said: "Charities such as the NSPCC support local authorities and expand their resources to help prevent abuse, they can offer direct services such as Childline and therapeutic work for families.

"The NSPCC School Service, which delivers programmes like Speak out Stay safe (SOSS) has been used by 63 schools in Cambridgeshire in the last year.  

“SOSS teaches children in an age-appropriate way to recognise the signs of abuse and identify safe adults they can speak to if they have any worries.”  

Additionally, the charity has recently played a big part in lobbying Parliament and supporting legislation for the Online Safety Bill, which has recently become an Act.

Johanna said: “One of the main purposes of the NSPCC is to help communities identify abuse and this includes anyone from teachers, postmen, school cooks, shopkeepers, people on the street - everyone has a part to play.

"The charity strives to provide support to children, families and members of the public.

"It also endeavours to encourage everyone to recognise abuse and for all communities to support families as we have all have a responsibility to keep children free from abuse. 

“The charity supported the amendment of the Domestic Abuse Act (2021), which saw children who witnessed abuse at home, even if it wasn’t directly inflicted on them, as victims of domestic abuse too." 

The Ely branch hold regular events to raise funds for this important work. Contact Johanna Partridge on: or for more information look online at 

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