Witchford Voices, a large mixed choir from Witchford and the surrounding area, gave a splendid concert at the Methodist Chapel in Ely on Friday November 17.

They were under the expert directorship of Naomi D’Cunha who certainly knew what she was doing.

Greg Lowes accompanied a majority of the songs with proficient aplomb, enhancing them considerably.  

This was a particularly special event for it was the choir’s first concert since the pandemic. They had obviously prepared well for they were word perfect, singing without any music to read.  

The programme was varied and impressive, each item introduced by their accomplished compere, Keith Gallois.  

Ely Standard: Greg Lowes (accompanist), Keith Gallois (compere) and Naomi D’Cunha (director). Greg Lowes (accompanist), Keith Gallois (compere) and Naomi D’Cunha (director). (Image: Rosemary Westwell)

The opening ‘Adam lay y bounden’ was unaccompanied and the singers showed their delight in singing and their full bodied tone from the start.

This was followed by a number of popular songs: ‘Nothing Else Matters’, a medley of Elton John’s songs, ‘Mr Blue Sky’, ‘Always Remember us this way’ and ‘Baba Yetu’. 

'Always Remember us this Way’ contained moments of sonorous richness, while the soloist in ‘Baba Yetu’, Craig West, demonstrated an amazing skill in enunciating clearly a flow of rapid relatively unfamiliar words.  

‘Hallelujah’; well-known from the Shrek movies, was delightful and I was especially impressed with the pronunciation of ‘you’ and the end of a constantly used phrase – instead of ‘ya’ that I have often heard in other arrangements.  

'The Parting Glass' was an appropriate song for the end of the evening, and had its poignancy, for it had been sung at a funeral service for a member of the choir,  Louise Carter.  

This splendid evening ended with an encore of one of their favourite songs: ‘Africa’ with its very realistic sound effects being created by fingers, hands and knees at the beginning.

It was easy to imagine the heavy rain falling, the thunder roaring and the storm easing with the tiny pitter patter of little drops of water.

The enthusiasm and joy that these splendid singers exhibited while singing this song was infectious. It was indeed a wonderful evening.   

If you would like more information about Witchford Voices, or indeed want to join them, contact Keith Gallois on k.gallois@btinternet.com