Three historical trials were recreated were performed in front of sold-out audiences in Ely

The Trials of Terror took place at the Ely’s Sessions House on November 10.

In a first of its kind event, a team from Oliver Cromwell’s House, led by Nora Gardener who not only researched and wrote the script, but also produced and appeared as the court clerk, keeping this rabble of criminals, witnesses and members of the public in order.

There was a mix of fun and serious content, with three cases being tried including the infamous trial of the poacher, thief and murderer John Rolfe, a trial of Witchcraft and even a body snatcher.

“The success of this performance hinged on the cast, the creator, and the audience all of played their parts perfectly," said Anna Bennett, tourism and town centre manager at Visit Ely.

"Hearing the court room filled with testimonies, accusations, historical facts and even genuine dialogue from the cases really brought the building and history alive."