I’m Sara  Ford, dog-owner, pizza-lover, founder of 4D Dance School, and co-founder of FRESH; a hub for fitness and wellness in the heart of Ely.

I’m very excited to be joining you once a month for a catch up about what’s happening in our lovely city… And yes, I will accept invites to events, tickets for shows, and (most importantly) free food.

I’m one of Ely’s biggest fans so it’s a really exciting opportunity to spread the word about how wonderful it is to live in this lovely spot!

First and foremost, let’s do what we do best and discuss the weather. Personally, I’m a big fan of the coming seasons. Don’t get me wrong I love the sun and warmer months but there is something quite magical about autumn.

My favourites are: cosy clothes, trees turning orange/red, getting the fire on, darker mornings and evenings - yes I’m a weirdo, I know. But seeing as we can’t fight the coldness coming in, we may as well make the most of it.

If you’re dreading it, why not get yourself wrapped up and follow my ideal itinerary for a chilly day off in Ely…

Firstly, I’d take a lovely walk (with my four legged pal, Boomer) through Cherry Hill, down to Jubilee Gardens and along the river.

Ely Standard: Sara loves to go for walks around Ely with her dog.Sara loves to go for walks around Ely with her dog. (Image: SARA FORD)


If I fancy a longer hike, I’d do the full loop to Roswell Pits and back through Pocket Park - I’m not even sure it’s called that but I’m sure you know where I mean!

Then I’ll need a warm up so I’d pop into Prosper Cafe on Broad Street for a coffee, and maybe a cake, before heading up to the market to see what’s going on there.

One of my favourite things about Ely is the selection of charity shops, again perhaps an area of contention but if you give yourself the time to browse you can find some right gems.

If I’m feeling particularly flush I’d grab lunch.

To me, that’s a dream day.

INFO: @fresh.social