A man who completed 10 ultra marathons this year, walking 1,000km, has raised £7,000 for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust. 

Andrew Walsh, from Ely, started his challenge on April 1, and finished on September 23, losing three stone along the way. 

The marathons he completed were spread out across the country. 

He says it was all worth it to help repay Addenbrooke’s for saving his life with their technology when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  

Andrew was unfortunately involved in a car crash. His body went through a scanning machine and he was discharged from A&E with the usual recommendations. 

It was only when Addenbrooke’s examined his scan that the cancer was found. 

“They found a 32mm lump in my thyroid which had been causing me issues for years,” said Andrew. 

“I ignored all the symptoms and blamed them on age, liking beer and working too much.” 

Andrew had surgery and treatment, now has half a thyroid and has some of his voice left. 

“I now have 12 bling medals and enough t-shirts to keep me going for years,” he said.