A 10-year-old girl from East Cambridgeshire has recently published a 58,000-word book and her mum hopes that her daughter’s achievement will inspire other children to do the same. 

Hephzibah Akinwale, who attends Little Thetford C of E Primary School, has written middle-grade fiction book ‘Chronicles of The Time Keepers – Whisked Away’. 

The book features Hephzibah herself as the main character who has been plagued by mysterious dreams that feel so real it’s as if she’s part of them. 

Little does she know, her dreams hold the key to an adventure beyond her wildest imagination. 

Ely Standard: Hephzibah's book is available to order from Amazon.Hephzibah's book is available to order from Amazon. (Image: Supplied)

Hephzibah’s accomplishment is particularly noteworthy because as per the International Book of Records, the current record for the longest fiction novel written by a child stands at over 44,000 words. 

Not only has Hephzibah surpassed this, but she has also set a new benchmark for aspiring young authors around the world. 

Her mum, Chika Akinwale, said: “In light of Black History Month (October), I feel her achievement can inspire other children, especially children of colour as she is a young girl of colour herself. 

“Furthermore, in recognition of her talents and contributions, my daughter was recently selected as one of the top 20 young people to help East Cambridgeshire District Council celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, contributing to her positive influence in the local community.” 

Ely Standard: 10-year-old Hephzibah Akinwale has just published a 58,000 word book.10-year-old Hephzibah Akinwale has just published a 58,000 word book. (Image: Family)

She added: “I believe Hephzibah’s story offers a unique and timely narrative.” 

Hephzibah’s book is available across all Amazon websites worldwide. You can order her book from the UK website here: Chronicles of the Time Keepers: Whisked Away : Akinwale, Hephzibah, Hall, Simon: Amazon.co.uk: Books 

As well as writing a book, Hephzibah has a YouTube channel which you can view here: Akinwale Sisters - YouTube and a website which you can visit here: hephzibahworkshop | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree