A young person who has "shown motivation and determination to succeed in the face of adversity" won the Child of Achievement award at the 2023 Ely Hero Awards.

The judges said Caitlin Child is a young person who "has a smile that lights up a room!

"Faced with learning challenges and other needs, school education has not been easy for Caitlin, and throwing a pandemic on top has presented mountain-like challenges.

"Despite her difficulties, Caitlin has shown the upmost motivation and determination to succeed, persevering in the face of adversity.

"Due to learning needs, Caitlin has re-taken her exams and has now successfully passed her first qualification in an animal care course.

"Struggling emotionally and academically has taught Caitlin to be brave in spite of unkindness, and she now knows how to manage situations in order to help her succeed."

The other finalists were Charlotte Gardiner, Cristina Verducci and Teddy Woodhouse.

The judges said of all the finalists in this category: "It is at times heartbreaking but always heartwarming to meet with children across the community who motivate others and have a determination far greater than their years.

"This year's finalists are heroes now and will remain heroes for the future.”

This award was sponsored by Crown Garage Honda.