10is Academy Ely has hosted the third edition of its 'US Open' tournament, marking its players' return to the courts after a summer break.

The thrilling event took place on the weekend of September 2-3, coinciding with the US Open currently being played in Flushing Meadows, New York.

The tournament is exclusive to 10is Academy Ely and showcased a "remarkable" amount of talent and determination from players of all ages.

Ely Standard: Lots of tennis players enjoyed the taste of victory!Lots of tennis players enjoyed the taste of victory! (Image: 10is Academy Ely)

Saturday winners:

The tournament was split into two days, with several trophies and medals handed out to various winners. 

Giulia emerged victorious in the nine and under category after a hard-fought match against Ren, with her head-to-head victory sealing her triumph.

Ely Standard: Gulia won the under 9s category.Gulia won the under 9s category. (Image: 10is Academy Ely)

James claimed the 12 and under title, defeating Giulia in another thrilling contest.

Ely Standard: Mutsuko is the club's most successful competitor. Mutsuko is the club's most successful competitor. (Image: 10is Academy Ely)

Mutsuko continued her dominance in the ladies' category, cementing her reputation as the club's most successful competitor.

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Lewis displayed resilience in the men's category, surviving a match point in the semifinals and ultimately securing the championship in thrilling fashion.

A spokesperson for the tennis club said: "The sunny day saw families staying for hours, celebrating not only the winners but also the incredible progress made by all the young players.

Ely Standard: The US open event is exclusive to the tennis club members.The US open event is exclusive to the tennis club members. (Image: 10is Academy Ely US Open tournament 2023)

"The positive feedback poured in, with attendees expressing their delight in comments like, 'wonderful day' and 'Thank you for organizing yet another brilliant day!'"

Sunday Winners:

On the second day of the tournament on Sunday, September 3, Isaac emerged victorious in the 18 and under category, showcasing remarkable skills on the court.

Sandrine and Monica dominated the women's doubles, proving their synergy and tennis prowess.

Ely Standard: Sandrine and Monica celebrated success in the women's doubles.Sandrine and Monica celebrated success in the women's doubles. (Image: 10is Academy Ely)

Lewis and Jordan claimed the men's doubles title, showcasing exceptional teamwork on their way to victory.

Ely Standard: Lewis and Jordan won the men's doubles title.Lewis and Jordan won the men's doubles title. (Image: 10is Academy Ely)

The spokesperson added: "The 'US Open' at 10is Academy Ely continues to be a vibrant celebration of tennis, camaraderie, and community.

"With events like these, we're committed to providing an exceptional tennis experience for our members in Ely and across Cambridgeshire."

Next for 10is Academy Ely members is a visit from Davis Cup Winner Dom Inglot on September 9, who will be bringing along the coveted Davis Cup trophy, now known as the Tennis World Cup, which he earned as part of Team GB with the legendary Andy Murray.