For anyone who is a Discworld fan this is a must read, for anyone who has cared for and known someone who has been afflicted by Alzheimers this is a must read.

So this book will, no doubt, be a huge success as so many people are one or both of those two things.

This beautifully, warm and joyous book is so well written. All credit to Rob Wilkins for giving us Sir Terry Prachett back for these pages.

I was both impressed and grateful for how well Rob (with help from Terry in the form of notes for an autobiography he never wrote) was able to make Terry speak to us all again.

I loved Terry's nerdiness, his grumpiness, his adoration for his family, his total belief and absorption in his way with words.

But this is also a truly moving and perfect exploration of how the afflicted person and their people cope when Alzheimers first trickles and then washes into their lives. A resounding success for me..