An NHS worker will be off work for “at least six months” after suffering serious injuries in a four car pile-up on the A142.

The health keyworker – who wishes to remain anonymous – was heading towards Soham when a Ford Fiesta was “catapulted” head-on into her car.

Police, along with the East of England Ambulance Service, were called out to the scene on Soham Road at around 5.50pm following the crash on Monday (January 11).

Ely Standard: An NHS worker was seriously injured in a four car pile-up on the A142 on Monday (January 11).An NHS worker was seriously injured in a four car pile-up on the A142 on Monday (January 11). (Image: Twitter/@roadpoliceBCH)

The victim’s father said: “My daughter was going to work, traveling down the A142 towards Soham and a vehicle that was turning right was hit from behind by another vehicle.

“It catapulted that vehicle head on into my daughter’s car – she has now got some severe injuries and is in hospital.

"The severity of impact deployed all the air bags!

“She has compound fractures, broken ankle, fractured leg bone, she’s had to have all of her ankle pinned and screwed – she's in a hell of a mess.

“She’s got severe bruising, she’s broken seven or eight ribs, she’s got bruising on her face, bruising on her hands, bruising on her legs and bruising across her stomach from the seatbelt.

“Now a member of NHS staff will be off work for at least four to six months.”

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We were called at about 5.50pm on Monday (January 11) with reports of a collision between four vehicles on the A142, Soham Road.

“Officers attended the scene and the road was closed while recovery took place.”