Pupils learning everything they need to know about diversity received a virtual visit from an author whose books were on the curriculum.

Tom Percival stopped by The Weatheralls Primary School in Soham as students read his books ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and ‘Ravi’s Roar’.

Lisa Radcliffe, headteacher, said “Even if children do not live in a diverse area, it is important for them to be able to see positive images of people who make appear different than them.

“When children read books like this frequently, it helps them to develop empathy and to accept others’ differences.

“It is also important for pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to be able to see themselves in books in a positive way.

“It can affirm their cultural identity. We have loved sharing these new books and hope the children choose to read more books like these in the future.”

“I couldn’t wait to come into school today because enquiry week is so fun and I don’t want it to ever end!,” said Year 6 pupil Nojus.