A Mepal woman has published her first book to help get rid of her grandaughter's nerves about hedgehogs coming into their garden.

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Brenda Styles's debut novel 'Honey, Harvey and Friends', which is being released under her pen name Nannie B, is set in their garden and features her statues, pond and wishing well.

Born and educated in Enfield before completing her education at an all girls secondary school, Brenda and her husband David retired in 2005 and moved to Mepal in Cambridgeshire.

The couple share several interests, including speedway; over the years they have travelled abroad to support the British Riders - but now watch the sport on TV.

They also share a love of gardening: "I do the pretty bits whilst David works on the vegetable plots," said Brenda.

"In fact his vegetable plots feature in my book."

Brenda's other inteterests are reading, writing, and listening to music.

"Anything from Frank Sinatra to Oasis - and, for sheer relaxation, jigsaw puzzles."

Below is a synopsis of the book

Honey, the hedgehog and her little brother Harvey were very happy.

They had found a safe and secure garden to live in.

It was full of pretty flowers had lots of garden statues and a large fish pond.

But best of all it had a wishing well, where all the garden creatures gathered each evening.

Harvey loved living here but he was very naughty, and with his friends often got into trouble.

One evening, Honey went to wake him up but his bed was empty.

He hadn’t come home to sleep.