A couple from Sutton, who have “stuck together” since they met, are looking back on seven decades of marriage after tying the knot in 1951.

Peter Gipp, and his wife Christine, both aged 86, got married on Thursday September 27 1951 in Ely and have been together ever since.

Christine was born in Earith, Huntingdon and Peter in Hackney, London.

Since moving to Sutton with their families at a young age, they have never left the area.

On Monday (September 27), the couple, who have seven children, 21 grandchildren, 45 great grandchildren and seven great-great grandchildren, will mark their platinum wedding anniversary together, along with their family and friends.

The couple's wedding ceremony in 1951 took place at Ely registry office.

"It was a rainy day, and, due to their busy lives, they didn't have a honeymoon," said one of their daughters, Julie Linney.

"I don't think they had time for anything like that!"

Peter and Christine started their married life together at home with Christine’s mum until 1955 when they moved into their first place.

The couple bought a property at The Orchards in Sutton, and called it home with three of their children.

Ely Standard: Peter (L) and Christine Gipp (R) at Ely registry office on their wedding day on Thursday September 27 1951.Peter (L) and Christine Gipp (R) at Ely registry office on their wedding day on Thursday September 27 1951. (Image: Credit: Family)

Peter and Christine have spent many happy years there, some of which involved the arrivals of four more children - including a set of twins.

Peter, a former desk clerk at Ely police station and Christine, a former post lady in Sutton, first met outside the Baptist chapel in Sutton when they were just 15-years-old.

“When mum first moved to Sutton, she lived at 17 York Road and at that time, Dad was living at 4 Ely Road, Sutton,” said Julie.

“They’re still living in the first house they bought together in 1955 now!”

“I honestly could not wish for better parents.”

“They’ve been through a lot together – and through that, have always stuck together – always.”

Mr and Mrs Gipp’s children are called Marilyn, Elaine, David, Julie, Paula, Shane and Melinda.

Julie and Paula are twins, and were born in 1957.

Shane was born in 1959, and Melinda, 1960.

Christine had a number of jobs, including working at Allpress in Chatteris, a supervisor at Apthorps in Hendon, Newbon in St Ives, and was a post lady in Sutton until she retired.

Ely Standard: Christine (L) and Peter Gipp (R) who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Monday (September 27).Christine (L) and Peter Gipp (R) who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Monday (September 27). (Image: Credit: Family)

“Dad had a number of jobs too,” said Julie.

“He was still in school attending Soham Grammar when mum was in her first job at Witcham toll garage!”

Peter started his working life as an apprentice carpenter for Hale Brothers in Sutton, he then went into the air force during the years 1952-1957.

Once he came out of the air force, he worked for Darby’s sand and gravel in Sutton, then Jack Richards haulage company and also became a transport manager at Apthorps.

“He then went on to being a traffic warden in Cambridge and Ely and a desk clerk at Ely police station, but then retired at the age of 57 through ill health,” said Julie.

“Nothing has ever stopped them because they’ve always been helping everyone out in the family.”

When Julie asked her parents what a stand out moment throughout their 70 years of married life has been, the couple reminisced over the 13 visits they made to the United States of America.

“They went to Tennessee on many holidays with their eldest daughter Marilyn and her partner Gary, as well as their three grandchildren Carrie-Ann, Kasey and Joshua and their great grandchildren,” said Julie.

“They travelled around America and saw many beautiful places whilst they were there.

“Mum and Dad have seen many changes in their lives and it is a testament to them both to be able to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

“We are all very proud of them both.”

To mark the milestone anniversary, the couple will be having a small family and friends get together at the British Legion in Sutton on Sunday (September 26).