A man who took up photography five years ago has won an international award for the first time.

Kevin Pigney of Burwell submitted two photographs to the Societies of Photographers (SoP) for the ‘natural world’ category at this year’s 20x16” print competition.

“I entered two prints that have done well in local and national competitions,” he said.

Kevin attended the SoP’s annual convention in London last week, where he found out he had won the award.

It is the first time the keen wildlife photographer has triumphed in a SoP category, having finished runner-up in previous years.

“You send them prints and the ones they judge to be worthy, they include in a big exhibition in the hotel foyer where they hold the convention,” said Kevin.

%image(15913790, type="article-full", alt="Kevin won the 'natural world' category award at the Societies of Photographers' 20x16" print competition with his photograph of a hare during a snowstorm.")

"I saw my print had won, so that was a nice surprise.

“I’ve only been doing photography for five years, so it has been quite a good journey.”

Kevin’s winning work featured a brown hare during a snowstorm on a farm just outside Cambridge, which was taken “a couple of winters ago”.

%image(15913791, type="article-full", alt="Kevin's work which won the 'natural world' category award in the Societies of Photographers' 20x16" print competition.")

The scenic photograph was scrutinised by judges before he was crowned winner amongst other photographers spanning the UK and abroad.

“I think the head judge’s personal words to me were that all the judges liked the image,” said Kevin.

“It was great to have both images accepted and one to win it was pleasing.”

As well as being an ambassador for wildlife photography at the SoP, Kevin has featured in the group’s bi-monthly magazine.

He is also a member of Ely Photographic Club, and during the Covid-19 pandemic has presented to different camera clubs around the country.

%image(15913792, type="article-full", alt="Kevin Pigney, a member of Ely Photographic Club, started to take up photography five years ago.")

New members have since joined the club, as Kevin looks to continue inspiring more photographers to fulfil their aims.

“A lot of people started using Zoom as a medium and that was good for me,” he said.

“I have presented to camera clubs throughout the UK and that gives you a wider audience.”

Kevin added: “Photography is not something I do just for competitions.

“The thing I like most is sharing my work with other people and hopefully give them inspiration as well.”