£150,000 cash boost for Isleham vegetable growing company to help create new jobs and increase production levels

Eastern Agri Tech awarded Tompsett Burgess Growers a £150,000 cash boost

Eastern Agri Tech awarded Tompsett Burgess Growers a £150,000 cash boost - Credit: Archant

One of Cambridgeshire’s most successful vegetable growing companies, Tompsett Burgess Growers, has just been awarded £150,000 from the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative.

The company, which is based in Isleham, is one of the major growers of root crops (carrots, parsnips, onions, shallots and organic carrots) in the Fens and supply their crops to major UK supermarkets.

To grow the business, the Tompsett family intend to build an extension to the current packing and grading facility, and install a new state of the art refrigeration plant, to help open up new markets and ultimately secure the long term partnership with TBG’s main customer, Produce World.

The funding will also enable the company to create new jobs, and the upgraded facility will help the business become more efficient and increase their production.

Jackie Seddon, Director of Tompsett Burgess Growers, said: “The project is to build new facilities at the vegetable packing site at Isleham, including innovative cold store and refrigeration plants.

“The building of this facility will create new employment opportunities and also ensure the site’s continued employment for the next 10 years.”