£100 fine for Ely motorist displaying dirty number plates - and here’s our top 10 other ways motorists might easily break the law

£100 fine for this vehicle in Ely today. The offence? An illegible number plate

£100 fine for this vehicle in Ely today. The offence? An illegible number plate - Credit: Archant

A motorist in Ely received a £100 fine for dirty number plates – one of the rare occasions when police have taken action.

A spokesman for Cambs police said: “Please check your plates and keep them clear.”

It follows a recent campaign across the border in Cambridgeshire where motorists have been stopped, but only warned, for having illegible number plates.

With the recent wet weather and plenty of mud on the road, police are advising drivers to check their vehicles before starting out on journeys.

There are plenty of other offences motorists might be committing without realising it – here’s our top 10 of ‘things to look out for’ to stay within the law.

1: It is illegal to drop off or collect passengers on school entrance markings

2: You cannot use a hand-held phone if you stop at traffic lights or are in a queue

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3: Don’t use your car horn when stopped – it is against the law

4: Driving a caravan or trailer on a motorway? Then the speed limit is 60mph

5: Don’t wait on single yellow lines – that too is against the law

6: If you change your name or address you need to tell the DVLA

7: Get six penalty points within two years of passing your test and you must start all over again…with the theory test

8: Don’t be tempted to use a mobile phone if you are accompanying a learner driver – that too will land you in trouble

9: Never park at night against the flow of traffic unless you are in a recognised parking space

10: Children must use a car seat suitable for their weight- so check as you watch them grow