�100 compensation for police officer bitten by a dog

MAGISTRATES have awarded �100 compensation to a police woman bitten by a dog as she arrested shop lifter Hannah Norman.

The officer had stopped Norman’s car near the Tesco store in Ely - Norman kicked PC Lauren Carey, and her Jack Russell bit the officer’s hand.

Prosecuting at Ely courthouse, Paul Brown said: “The officer’s ear piece had been pulled out so she was unable to contact the control room.

“But the police knew there was a problem, and other officers were dispatched to assist, and Norman was subdued.” He said PC Dennis Williams was kicked on the shin, he suffered a small bruise.

The dog bite suffered by PC Carey was hardly visible to the naked eye, and she suffered two small bruises on her leg.

A small wrap of cannabis was found in Norman’s jeans pocket. When her car was searched, a stolen bottle of blue WKD was found, it had been smashed.

Mr Brown added: “Norman was taken to the police station, she was abusive to police in the van, and fell unconscious. She said she had taken a fair amount of heroin.”

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At the police station in Cambridge, Norman failed to provide a breath test.

Norman, 29, of Orchard Estate, Little Downham, had admitted two charges of assault, shoplifting at the Co-op in Soham, possessing cannabis and failing to give a breath test on October 24.

Mitigating, solicitor Catherine Bradd told the court: “This was a day of complete madness, she had no idea why she drove and went to the Co-op, she really regrets it. Her first memory is getting out the car with the dog, and struggling to control the dog. She is deeply disappointed in herself.”

Giving Norman a 28 month driving ban, presiding magistrate Sue Thompson told her: “This was a foolish act that has cost you dear.”

Norman was given an 18-month community order, with supervision, and a drug rehabilitation order. She must also pay �50 compensation to PC Williams, �3.99 compensation for the stolen alcohol, and �30 costs.