The East Cambs Access Group is looking into street clutter in Ely city centre

The East Cambs Access Group is looking into street clutter in Ely city centre - Credit: Archant

Street clutter goes under the spotlight in Ely following a survey of everyday disasters waiting to happen in the city.

An access group has carried out a survey of safety hazards in Ely and has prepared a presentation for opinion leaders to tell them of the problems faced by people in wheelchairs, those with visual issues and parents pushing children in prams and buggies.

The East Cambs Access Group has a wide mix of life experience and counts among its members somebody with a knee replacement, a member in a wheelchair, a member who needs sticks to help them walk and a person with visual problems.

Margaret Haynes said: “Our aim is to speak to those in the power to change things so they understand the kinds of hazards with access that come people face on daily basis.

“Things like A boards advertising people’s businesses are a real trip or hazard for those trying to get past them in wheelchairs.

“Street parking, outdoor tables and chairs, general street clutter. A lot of people would not notice it but if you have mobility issues it can make things very tricky.”

Members have carried out a survey for more than two years and have put together a power point presentation to show how it impacts.

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There will be photographs and a discussion to explain the issue.

Invited to take part will be county councillors, district councillors, town councillors, traders and police.

Mrs Haynes said: “We promote access to information, services, all buildings - including public buildings and shops, the countryside and public transport.

“We are able to offer advice on improvements. Anybody interested in access issues is welcome at meetings.”

The most recent access issue highlighted by the ECAG was access to polling stations.

The group were assured that the Cherry Tree pub has been changed to the Walter Gedney pavilion to improve access for polling day.

Also the larger rooms of the Methodist Church in Ely were now being used as was the Soham Town rangers venue.

Most polling stations have two officers which means one person can help if anybody needs assistance.

All officers at polling stations have been trained in how to help anybody facing access.