YOUR SAY: ‘Why is it not perfectly acceptable to remove unruly students until the penny finally drops with both them and their parents?’

I cannot believe the latest Ofsted report on Ely College, it certainly is not the impression of the school that I or my children have who have received a superb education to date.

How can a school be rated as ‘good’ only two years ago now be regarded as inadequate.

Until you read the report in full and realise the motives driving this bias. Ofsted and those who worship at the altar of the usual liberal left wing claptrap are clamping down ruthlessly on a school that is attempting to make students and their respective parents take responsibility for their own conduct and learning to become considered, civil and self-reliant citizens of Ely in the future.

Firstly, the report states that “Too many children are removed from lessons during the school day due to behavioural problems”. How does Ofsted determine what is, or what is not, an acceptable number?

Why is it not perfectly acceptable to remove unruly students until the penny finally drops with both them and their parents, so that those who wish to learn and achieve greater things in life can receive an education that is also their right too?

What is the Ofsted answer to this dilemma? “Meet students to discuss their views about management of their behaviour and what can be done to support them in making the right choices”. Where is the time or staffing resources to indulge this touchy feely nonsense? You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

Secondly, on page one, the summary of the report states that “Targets are unrealistic and students can not accomplish them.” That is the whole point of targets, they are aspirations and are set to encourage the realisation of goals. Some students will surpass expectations, others will meet them and those with lower ability or no motivation at all will fall short. It is just part of life, get over it. But, thanks to the dumbed down “Everyone is a winner” mentality of the self-appointed “We know best politically correct brigade” at Ofsted, it is now only acceptable for students to achieve what they decree should be the minimum level of progress (which is lower than the current standard at Ely College) and woe betide any student who wants to actually excel during their school life – they’ll be sent to the hall for being too bright no doubt!

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Perhaps, the government will now finally agree to fund Cambridgeshire schools in line with the rest of the country and in order to achieve the level of improvement that is supposedly required. Recently, Mrs Jenkinson-Dix, together with other head teachers from secondary schools in the county have been making waves about this issue. I wonder if this is all connected by any chance.

I pity the staff, who have all been wonderfully professional in guiding my children successfully through their school years. I fear that you will experience regime change that is more about social engineering than delivering good quality education because it will certainly be more about delivering the “party line” from above. Please stay the course at Ely College for the sake of all the students, I fear they will need you more than ever now.

And to all those parents and pupils who are rejoicing in the demise of Mrs Jenkinson-Dix, Mr Baker et al and the policies that were implemented to help you achieve greater things than even you thought possible yourself. There is a saying….”Be very careful what you wish for, because you may end up just getting it” – and you now have, the ruination of a good school, caring staff discarded and classrooms full of disruptive children being force fed political dogma. Well done to all of you.

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