YOUR SAY: ‘Staff have always bent over backwards to support children’

I have never heard anything so ludicrous in all my life.

The zero-tolerance policy has been firm but fair. My son goes to Ely College and is currently about to sit his GCSEs in a month’s time.

Disruption in class has been cut to a minimum as a result of the zero-tolerance policy, enabling students and staff to learn and teach in peace. Parents who have made a fuss about it have children who are consistently causing disruption and are disturbing not only their own learning, but everyone else’s; how is that fair that staff are having to give all their attention to these students who don’t want to learn?

We have always found that staff bend over backwards to support the children, when I have needed to talk to anyone they have been fantastic. Mrs Jenkinson-Dix has been an outstanding head in the five years our son has been at the school, and knows our son’s character really well, despite there being around 1300 students at the school.

Staff spend their own time offering revision clinics to the children who need extra help.

I am furious that this has happened, resulting in the resignation of superb senior leaders. Perhaps OFSTED should be OFSTEDED?

Vicky Michaelson-Yeates