YOUR SAY: ‘Ofsted has got this very, very wrong.’

Mrs Jenkinson-Dix was the reason we chose for our son to attend Ely College.

Ofsted perhaps needs to look at where the school was when she started, with reports of violence and drugs. They also would do well to look further at the wider determinants that the head was up against; such as children from Littleport, who for some, are amongst some of most deprived in East Cambridgeshire.

Our son, who is anxious, feels safe there and the school has been amazing in their communication with me.

There are concerns - such as inexperienced teachers - and yes these need to be addressed, but put in support to do this; don’t force a passionate woman who only wants the best for her school to resign.

I would like to see all parents join together and refuse to send their children back until she is reinstated. Sometimes things get worse before they get better and she was Ely’s best chance to get it right in the long run.

Ofsted used last year’s results which were affected nationally across the board and this is wrong.

I do agree that the adult education use of building poses a risk to children; and thus needs to be addressed.

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A woman’s career has been ruined. There are major behavioural issues she had to deal with but these are caused by wider social determinants and that’s the root problem.

When children are coming to school with laser pens, shining them into children’s eyes, yes they need to be removed from class. Ofsted need to spend a month in her shoes.

I fear for my son’s next three years; but have no regrets that we made the right decision choosing Ely over Soham.

Ofsted has got this very, very wrong.

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