Your headlines about anti-social cycling in Ely was rather sensational, don’t you think?

I FULLY support any efforts to censure those that indulge in anti-social behaviour of any description.

As a cyclist I get very frustrated when I see my fellows disregarding basic rules, both of the road and of common courtesy.

However, the headline that you chose for the October 18 edition is rather sensational, don’t you think? Moreover, the second paragraph of your Voice of the Fens section wades in even further.

I most certainly do not condone any cyclists who “...have no regards whatsoever for signs prohibiting them” but was any balance sought before the article was published?

Did anyone actually count how many “thoughtless cyclists” they saw pedal up behind the “mums, pensioners, children and families” and then count how many not-so-thoughtless cyclists they saw?

If it really was evident, as your correspondent states, then surely the evidence should have been presented. Isn’t that proper journalism?

One last question, which goes back to that remark about “...signs prohibiting them” made by your correspondent.

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What signs might these be, because surely this is not a reference to the signs we can see in the photographs, is it?

I seem to recall that there is at least one notice telling cyclists to dismount but the two that we see in your photographs don’t appear in any Highway Code that I’ve ever read. I’m more than willing to be proved wrong though!

Notwithstanding, if you ride a bike and you are reading this, however pointless and/or daft you might think some rules of the road are, please don’t flaunt them and please don’t ride where you’re not supposed to ride.


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