You’ve got it all wrong, Geoffrey. Surely more rail noise is preferable – it’s a sign of an improving economy

Geoffrey Woollard of Soham has surely got it all wrong when he fears the noise that improved rail tracking and, maybe, a new station will cause (Postbag, June 4).

It’s necessary to look outside the square in these matters and look at the long-term issues.

There will be a huge expansion of freight traffic in this area and that is why millions of pounds is being spent on the rail infrastructure – it could even be argued that this is a sign of an improving economy.

Many new homes are planned for the area and road traffic is bound to increase with a commensurate rise in noise levels, so an improvement in the rail network would be preferable even with the attendant increase in train noise?

My own home is virtually under the flight path of the US Air Force route to Mildenhall/Lakenheath and it is sometimes quite noisy – however I am not expecting the Americans to stop flying just because I live here!


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