Withdrawal of Berry Fen Wind Farm plans was unexpected, but brought immense relief and joy to community

The Stop Berry Fen Wind Farm group would like to say a BIG thank-you to you for your support as we battled REG Windpower’s application for three massive turbines close to Aldreth and Haddenham.

Hearing that REG had withdrawn its proposals from the planning process was entirely unexpected, but it has brought immense relief and joy to our community.

An enormous threat to our peaceful life here, and to our enjoyment of our beautiful and unique landscape, has been lifted.

From the start, we knew we’d have to obtain support from many, many different organisations and individuals if we were to stand any chance of winning this David and Goliath fight.

To know we had your support in publishing our articles was invaluable and helped keep our residents informed, while helping to keep us going when it seemed impossible we would beat REG and all the witnesses and resources they had available.


Co-chairman, Stop Berry Fen Wind Farm

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