Why was government offer of retaining extra business rates refused by East Cambs Council leader in Look East interview?

In the government’s budget, it was announced that a number of areas including Cambridgeshire had been chosen to pilot a new scheme in which councils would able to keep 100 per cent of the money from additional business rates growth.

Currently they keep only half, with the remainder going to the government.

The Conservative leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, James Palmer, was interviewed on television for BBC Look East refusing this offer.

Councillors have not yet been informed of Cllr Palmer’s reasons for turning down what is effectively free money with no risk – sums which could amount to nearly £500,000 over five years.

I am asking Cllr Palmer to make a statement that East Cambridgeshire will accept this offer – money that could be used to the benefit of local communities across East Cambridgeshire.


District councillor, Haddenham Ward

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