Why was flagpole placed next to CCTV camera? If in middle of market square, it could serve the city

THE flag pole on Ely’s market square is looking a little lonely without a purpose.

It was erected a year ago and flags did once fly from it, but some got wrapped around the nearby CCTV camera because it was located too close.

The cathedral’s flag pole flies our national flags on all days that celebrate our nation, but in our great market square, with so much open space, our councillors thought that next to the CCTV camera was best.

Why can it not be moved to the centre of the square? That way the flags will fly for all to see.

Or are they going to leave the flag pole where it is, with the flags folded neatly away for moths to chew for dinner?

The flag pole could serve the city to welcome tourists and celebrate annual events such as the Queen’s birthday and St George’s Day.


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