The benefits of using a zero waste to landfill service

Ellgia zero waste to landfill skip hire in Cambridgeshire

Ellgia is a zero waste to landfill service operating throughout Cambridgeshire and the east of England - Credit: Ellgia

Have you ever thought about where your waste goes and how it impacts the environment?

Although many people are making the effort to recycle more of their rubbish, unfortunately, most of it still ends up in landfill sites, which is bad news for the planet.

Ellgia, an award-winning, family-owned waste management and recycling company, is offering a greener alternative with its zero waste to landfill service operating throughout Cambridgeshire and the east of England.

We speak to David Chamberlain, sales and business development director for Ellgia, about the benefits of their sustainable waste disposal solution.

Q: How does a zero waste to landfill process work?

A: We’re proud to be a 100 per cent zero waste to landfill facility, which means we extract maximum value from the waste that’s brought to the site. We recycle and reuse as many materials as we can, and the rest is used to create energy from waste fuel streams. The electricity we generate then goes back into the National grid, so it’s a completely sustainable model.

Q: What are the main benefits of using your waste management service?

Man in an office throwing plastic bottle into recycling bin

Ellgia work with businesses in Cambridgeshire to help them boost their green credentials and segregate their waste more effectively - Credit: Getty Images

A: Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, using our service means you’ll avoid sending your waste to a landfill site and reduce your impact on the environment. Many skip providers don’t dispose of waste in an ethical manner – you've probably seen or heard of rubbish being dumped in fields or fly-tipping on the side of roads. Ellgia only uses fully compliant, ethical practices and we’re also a founder member of the Cambridge Cleantech Group, which means we’re working towards making Cambridgeshire a more sustainable and greener region.

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Q: Why do you think it’s important to do our bit towards protecting the planet?

A: Today, people and businesses are far more concerned about the effect they’re having on the environment. I don't think anyone likes to see a landfill site – not only do they look unsightly, but they're also a major source of pollution and the rubbish buried can take many years to break down. There are still hundreds of landfill sites across the UK and although most people recycle now, there’s still a lot more we could be doing.

Another benefit of using a zero waste to landfill approach is that you are less reliant on fossil fuels as a lot of the waste we collect is incinerated and turned into renewable energy.

Q: Who can benefit from your waste management services?

Ellgia dustcart for waste management in Cambridgeshire

For businesses, Ellgia provides a fully managed service of all waste streams via dustcarts (pictured), skips and roll-on, roll off containers - Credit: Ellgia

A: To the general public we can offer household skips of all sizes that avoid landfill – these are often used for house, garage and garden clearances. For businesses and trade jobs, we provide a fully managed service of all waste streams via mobile compaction (dustcarts) and both large and small skips and roll-on, roll off containers. Our packages are completely bespoke to ensure we achieve your needs and goals.

We’ve partnered with a number of local businesses in Cambridgeshire including hospitals, airports and fresh produce providers to help them boost their green credentials and segregate their waste more effectively to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Q: What waste can be disposed of?

A: We can collect general waste, mixed recycling, inks, food, glass, plastics, as well as hazardous materials such as gas cylinders, fridge freezers, electrical equipment, batteries, oil and paint. Our skip volume guide will tell you the capacity of each container to help you choose the right size, and some types of materials may include an additional charge.

Q: How else do you help your customers become more eco-efficient?

A: We offer recycling advice, waste audits and carbon reporting for our commercial and trade customers, where they can log into an online portal and manage their waste streams with full visibility of their environmental performance. The reports can also determine emission savings and identify areas for improvement.

To find out more about Ellgia or to enquire about a free waste audit, visit or contact the team on 01223 322799 or