Why is so little being said by political parties about regenerative practices in agriculture?

As soil becomes sicker and less able to perform its function, farmers become increasingly dependent on the chemical technology industry.

They then become trapped in a downward spiral, becoming increasingly dependent on herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that kill soil microbes. Especially if using GM seeds.

Weeds become more resistant to glyphosate, so they must use more weed killers. Crops then become nutrient deprived, so farmers are then forced to use synthetic fertilizers.

Weeds and bugs become superweeds and superbugs and on and on in a vicious circle.

The best way to avoid this trap is to refrain from using agrochemicals in the first place. A properly cared for soil will take care of growing your food.

In 1937 Franklin D Roosevelt stated ‘that a nation that destroy its soil destroys itself’. A lesson learned from the ‘dustbowl’ years no doubt.

Many ‘game-changing’ farmers across the world are addressing this problem. Carbon-rich organic matter is what gives soil its water retention capacity, its structure and its fertility – so the objective must be to add high quality, sustainable organic matter back into the soil.

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With the elections looming, it’s interesting to note that little is said about regenerative practices in agriculture and the importance of such to the health of the nation.

As soils degrade and GM introduced, the health of the nation will be in jeopardy.


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