Why is English Heritage so obsessed with stopping the growth of Ely?

The question to be asked is why is English Heritage so obsessed with stopping Ely growing?

Why is it so obsessed with taking Ely back to before the Fens were drained?

Thousands of pounds are being poured into setting up the wildlife settling ponds in the Coveney area and vast amounts of money have been given to the National Trust to get part of the Wicken Fen flooding scheme on board.

We already have vast swathes of wetlands in the Feltwell and Lakenheath areas.

How much more cutting off do we need for Ely to be back in the dark ages? It has been cut from the north and west of the rest of the county for months this year already.

I travel regularly through St Ives and have seen it growing over the last few years, something which Ely has got to be allowed to do, or else it will remain a dormant town.

English Heritage keeps barking on about destroying the view of Ely Cathedral. The view to who?

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Currently there are no roads on the south east side of Ely, apart from the A10, and this view will not be changed.

There are very few houses in this area but there will be a few walkers, cyclists runners and boaters, who will lose the view of the cathedral for a few minutes whilst they move their position.

I do not think anyone from English Heritage has ever ben down to the relevant area and viewed it. Perhaps they would like to meet me and we will walk along the river bank?

Common sense will dictate, but I don’t think English Heritage cares - it is only trying to generate its name to get recognition.


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