Where are the people that care about Ely? Too many people are so accepting of its degradation

Tourists, do come and spend time in the unspoilt city of Ely, that unique gem on the edge of the river with its magnificent cathedral and ancient buildings.

But you need to be quick. Strident voices often from newly arrived people, who came here because of what Ely is, are now keen to destroy the quiet beauty of the city.

They are happy to live with the mistakes of the past, the ghastly 60s flat-roofed buildings in the market square, the police and ambulance station which were unbelievably ugly even before the addition of the plastic carbuncle.

They are now baying for cinemas, shops and thousands of houses.

Where are the people that care about Ely? Why are they mute?

Too many are so accepting of this degradation – I despair.


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