What is your experience of using satellite broadband?

A good internet connection is vital for businesses and, increasingly, for households too.

The UK has higher broadband coverage than Germany, France, Italy and Spain but there is still much more to do.

Across East Anglia councils are helping to unlock faster broadband in rural communities but there are still some areas which are very hard to connect using traditional solutions.

I have recently been contacted by the European Satellite Operators Association. It claims that satellite connections can provide a service of 20Mbps.

It has launched a website www.broadbandforall.eu which offers further information.

I would be very interested to know more about local people’s experiences of this technology. Have you considered using a satellite solution? Have you tried to use it? Do you use it? Do you have recommendations or thoughts you can share?

Please get in touch with me at office@vickyford.org

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