We’re going out to tender with leisure centre very shortly – and we hope to award contract to local company

The proposed leisure centre for east Cambridgeshire is a significant development for the area and will inevitably be an expensive venture.

After many years of discussions, two years ago the Conservative group at East Cambridgeshire District Council decided to push the scheme forward and deliver something that everyone can be proud of.

The new cinema at Downham Road, Ely, is a tremendously exciting scheme and it is our vision to site the leisure centre alongside the cinema, simultaneously providing new car parking for the rugby club and improvements for the football club.

All the sports facilities at Downham Road will benefit from new road access, not to mention the excellent underpass that will allow cycles and pedestrians to safely visit the complex.

Leisure centres are expensive, make no mistake the cost of this facility will be high. It is my job to make sure that the council can afford to provide for our growing population as well as balance its budget.

This is not an easy task given the ever-decreasing government grant the council receives but one I am determined to rise to the challenge.

We will very soon be going out to tender with the leisure centre, only then will we have certainty over the cost and therefore, be able to properly decide on how it can be paid for.

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I am duty bound to get the best price for the taxpayer but we hope to be able to award this work to a local company.

I would like the people who build this centre to be part of the community that use it. To have a vested interest in creating something special, that they, their children and grandchildren will use.

I do not want the public to be in the dark with regard to our leisure centre.

We want it, we know the people want it and it’s up to us to deliver it.


Leader, East Cambridgeshire District Council

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