We must keep an ear on the rail traffic passing Soham at night – we can clearly hear it

Soham railway station

Soham railway station - Credit: Archant

I don’t know when this picture was taken (it was obviously before 1944 when Soham station was blown up) but the railway lines (and a planned replacement station) are often in the news nowadays.

My wife and I live in St Andrew’s Park, quite a way from the lines, and it’s weird in the evenings for we can clearly hear the trains and they sometimes sound to us as though they are coming right through our close.

I drew this to the attention of the town council as I am very conscious that many more people in Soham live much closer to the lines than do we two in our close.

We shall have to keep an eye (and an ear) on the volume of rail traffic, especially during the night.

Network Rail is aware of our concerns because I told it about them at a recent ‘consultation’ meeting held at Soham Library regarding doubling the railway lines and doubling the rail traffic through Soham.


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