We don’t intend to charge for daily use of new parking compound for cycles at Ely rail station

A brief response to your letter from Mr Bonnett (‘Wheely Mad Idea’, July 23).

As we have pointed out many times and confirmed in our consultations with local cyclists in Ely, we do not intend to make a charge for daily use of the new cycle parking facilities that will shortly come into operation at the rail station.

What we are offering for the first time at Ely, in response to a growing number of requests from cyclists, is a secure compound for parking, access to which will be restricted to regular users who register with us.

Registration is necessary for us to issue the user with a key fob to open the compound gates, and we do ask for a deposit of £25 for the key fob, but this is returned in full to the customer if they decide to terminate the arrangement.

This kind of facility is proving very popular with customers at a growing number of stations on our network, and discussions locally suggested that it would be welcomed in a cycling city such as Ely.

However, for those customers who just want to park their bike at the station in the normal way, we have increased the number of spaces provided, installed CCTV – and there is no charge!


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