We are very fortunate to have a well-resourced library in Soham ... so use it!

Soham is extraordinarily fortunate to have a library, not just any library but a well-resourced one with helpful staff.

There are loads of provisions for children in particular.

Saturday was National Libraries Day with a treasure hunt for children, sweets in dishes, information and a board at the entrance with adhesive notes provided for people to comment on what they like about their library.

Given there are no longer individual managers, the sole person on duty had the task of putting everything together.

I watched people looking, shrugging and walking past without writing a comment, some of similar age to my own.

Despite quite a few people there with their children, apparently none took part in the treasure hunt.

The only comments made, other than my own, seem to have been made by people who were attending a museum event.

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I wonder when people will start caring about the fact that our library is at risk of closure. Please stop taking it for granted.

When I was a child, living with my grandfather in Stamford while my father was away fighting in the Second World War, my mother had to pay a subscription to use the Boots library and I remember the excitement of clambering up the steps with her to choose books.

As a result I have never taken a library for granted.

I urge all those who use the library to please stop being complacent and cherish what you have by making an effort to take part in any relevant event and complete the various consultations that arise.

Imagine losing it!



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