We are not planning a mass cull of rabbits in Ely Country Park - we want to protect the population and keep it healthy

The rabbit population must be brought under control if Ely Country Park is to retain its status as o

The rabbit population must be brought under control if Ely Country Park is to retain its status as one of the best public spaces in the East of England, according to a report to last month's commercial services committee. - Credit: Archant

It was with great interest that I read your ‘Run, rabbit, run...’ article last week.

I have since had a number of calls from worried residents that a mass cull was on the cards so please let me reassure everyone of the true picture.

We know there are lots of rabbits at the park – this is obvious to anyone who has been lucky to watch them playing in the fading light of dusk.

The question is what to do to protect and keep the rabbit population healthy while ensuring we humans can also enjoy the park.

Our plans are to find a long-term solution to manage the situation. With the vast majority of the warrens situated closer to the railway tracks, specialist advice suggests we erect a fence (which would also go at least a metre below the surface) to prevent the rabbits from migrating throughout the park. This would be a major part of our work.

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We are in the early stages of looking at whether this feasible and looking to see what the costs would be.

So please be assured that we aim to create a country park we can all enjoy whether we are a child, a nature lover or a cute little rabbit.

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Commercial services committee chairman

East Cambridgeshire District Council

Via e-mail

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