We all want to do our shopping as close to home as possible - so I support Soham store plan

I AM writing after reading an article a few weeks ago about Jonathan James and the Soham supermarket debate.

Within a mile of the proposed new superstore, there are seven housing estates. All these people need to shop. They don’t go downtown to shop because Budgens is too dear.

They, like me, have to go to Ely or Newmarket for their shopping and use the high street shops while they are there.

I think that Mr James is afraid of competition, he’s only thinking of one person and that’s himself. He’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Soham traders by making them think that this new superstore will kill the high street.

A supermarket won’t affect the banks, building societies, estate agents or hairdressers in town and I doubt it will affect the Co-op store. It may even improve its trade.

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I just hope he doesn’t pull the wool over the planners’ eyes too.

I know I speak for many Soham people when I say that the population today want to do their main grocery shop in one place, as close to home as possible.

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I support the proposals for a superstore in The Shade.


Bushel Lane


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