Waterside Antiques owner did the same to me two years ago when I went to his shop with my dog

HAVING read the story about the lady with the assistance dog being refused entry to Waterside Antiques (March 28), I would like to add my experience.

The way she was told about faking having a dog for assistance is close to what Tom Peters did to me about two years ago.

I went to go into Waterside Antiques as I had visited an antique fair at the Maltings where my dog was welcome. I went to his shop only to be stopped at the door and despite having the dog’s coat, tags and ID card he refused to allow me in with my dog.

He made me feel like a freak for needing a dog to help me does he want customers or not I wonder.

I was not there when this lady was refused admission so I cannot comment on their conversation but he was very rude to me and I can assure him I will never darken the door of his bric-a-brac shop again.

If the lady swore at him I would say good for her as we are people and should not be treated so rudely by a guy running a shop.


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I WAS in the shop when the lady came in with her dog.

It was plain to anyone that the dog was some sort of assistance dog, well behaved and under complete control of the lady.

She had just got inside the shop when the man approached her in what I thought was a very aggressive manner demanding she produce some papers or other, even though the dog had a coat declaring what it was.

He was shouting at her to get out with the dog. The shop was not very full with only a few people. I did not hear all the lady said but she left clearly upset.

If anyone was being abusive it was not the lady but the man who I now see from your photo is the owner. The “tirade of abuse” I heard came from him.

Having heard all his abuse I left the shop without buying anything.


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