Wanted: Audio editor and recording technician to help Fenprobe continue to provide talking newspaper in East Cambs

For many years, the proprietors of local newspapers have given their consent to the content of their papers to be reproduced in audio form for blind and partially sighted people.

Your local talking newspaper is Fenprobe Talking News, which supplies more than 70 blind residents of East Cambridgeshire with the local news each week.

Thanks to a Royal Mail concession, the yellow wallets containing the news on a memory stick are sent postage free.

As you leaf through the pages of the Ely Standard, consider how isolated you would feel if you had no idea of the activities of your local councils, people and charitable events just because you were unable to see.

Our listeners are frequently better informed about the myriad events going on in the community than their sighted families.

I would hazard a guess that the enormous charitable ethos in this part of the country goes unremarked, until you listen, as our listeners do, to perhaps two full pages of charity news and events some weeks.

Running a talking newspaper relies entirely on the charitable work of volunteers; reading, editing, recording and maintaining the studio and office. Each of the 40-plus volunteers does this completely free of charge.

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Fenprobe is financed solely by civic grants and donations by supporters and listeners. Our outgoings are small compared with some organisations, rent and equipment being the main expenses.

However, without key members of our reading teams, the news would not be delivered.

This is an appeal for anyone who would like to learn how to edit the papers for audio presentation or become a recording technician, to get in touch with me for further information.

We have an urgent need for both these posts to be filled. Readers and other helpers are always welcome. I can be reached on 01353 861153 or jsmith9306@aol.com

You can hear the latest edition of the news on our website www.fenprobe.com, together with other information.

Finally, if you know of anyone who could benefit from receiving Fenprobe Talking News each week, please tell them. The service is entirely free.



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